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Sarah Jessica Parker: A Stop and Blog the Roses gal

On Monday, Sarah Jessica Parker took an Amtrak train from NYC to DC for the White House’s Turnaround Arts program event. Amtrak. Not a private plane. The train. Not da plane, da plane. No. Da train. And why shouldn’t she? Nothing wrong with the train other than it can be uncomfortable, loud, prone to jerky... Read more »

Let's Play "The Airline Did WHAT?" Game

Select your play piece. I’ll take the mini typewriter. Line ‘em up right here with your paper boarding pass in hand. Roll the dice. Pick a card with a question. Let the games begin.  (And, yes, this really happened.  Yesterday.  United.  Orlando to O’Hare) 1. You hand your boarding pass to the airline attendant. She... Read more »

Thank you to the people of Asheville, NC

Welcome, friends! Below you will find the Narcissistic Blogger – Facebook Likes scale, researched and developed by the team at Stop and Blog the Roses.  (By team, I mean all one of us.  That would be me, Ferny. Hi!) Zero Facebook ‘Likes’ on a blog post = No one likes me.  The least I can... Read more »

Asheville, NC: The Greatest Show on Earth

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up.  We should have known within fifteen minutes of arriving, when my sister in law asked for directions, we were in for a show. A young, shaggy haired man appeared to be the person in charge of several tables of jewelry for sale on a street corner and, one would... Read more »

Adventures in Air Travel: Sitting next to a talker

Last week, on our flight back from Arizona to Chicago, I sat next to … we’ll call him Chatty Charlie. I won’t use his real name even though I know it.  In fact, I feel like I know EVERYTHING about him. Where he was stationed in the army, how long he’s been married, his four... Read more »

Oh the joys of air travel ...

Oh the joys of air travel ...
Voicemail at 11:16AM: This is American Airlines calling about a flight cancellation.  We apologize for the inconvenience. Your flight on April 23rd from O’Hare to Newark has been cancelled. At 11:31AM, I dial 800-433-7300 where I am on hold for 8 minutes. Misery (not her real name): Hello, this is Misery (slightly inaudible) Me: Hi,... Read more »


My parents were supposed to visit this weekend.  But, on Saturday, one hour into their Jet Blue flight from JFK to Chicago, with only 40 minutes remaining, the pilot advised that they were turning around.  Turning around?! Did the pilot forget something? If there was really a problem with the plane, why wouldn’t they just... Read more »

If you think the CTA is bad ...

Dear New Jersey Transit Bus Driver behind the wheel on December 30, 2010 at Orient Way in Rutherford, New Jerseyat exactly 1:15 EST: You know who you are.  Route #190.  Yeah, I’m looking at you.  Big mistake.  HUGE.  Oh, you don’t recognize me from my photo?  I was wearing a (gorgeous) cream colored Via Spiga... Read more »

Overheard in Chicago

Woman on phone with Continental Airlines: Well then what was the point of using my miles if I have to pay now? But I used all of my miles! 25,000 miles. That’s all I had. I wiped it out! Wait, but wait…now, I have to pay $100 to get on this flight and $1000 to... Read more »

When you gotta go...

Why you shouldn’t drink a large coffee and a large water an hour before your flight ~ Because you won’t be able to wait until you’re in the air and you’ll hear “Final boarding at Gate 14″ while you’re still in the airport bathroom and you’ll have to literally run to the gate and all... Read more »