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8 Holiday Disaster Stories: Your holidays will never be this bad ... or this ridiculous

There should be a writer in every family because every family is chock full of material.  (Check out a Thanksgiving screenplay by Fern Ronay) Though, no matter how funny/crazy/dysfunctional your family is, I beg of you … put down the Christmas tree. From the archives ~~~ 8 holiday disaster stories ripped from the headlines ~~~... Read more »

Thanksgivukkah: 5 Ways to Mix It Up

Overheard at the Ronay house during a past Hanukkah: Can we light the menorah soon? I want to go to 5:15 mass. That’s how we do it around here.  H is Jewish.  I’m Catholic.  And we’ve been living in interfaith harmony since 2007. This year, as it turns out, the first night of Hanukkah is... Read more »

Thanksgiving: 10 Things that are Easy to Hate about it

1. When people call it Turkey Day.  Shut up, cornball. It’s Thanksgiving. 2. Canned cranberry sauce.  Ew. You’re really going to eat that?  The way it’s so perfectly formed and is gelatinous and jiggles is just … ew. 3. When annoying people on television and/or the ones that live in your computer have to keep... Read more »

How Nordstrom Saved Thanksgiving

Once upon a time (a couple of days ago) my friend posted a picture on her Facebook wall of a sign apparently outside of Nordstrom last year that said something to the effect of “We’re not going to deck our halls until it’s actually Christmas time. Happy Thanksgiving!” (not their exact words) and everyone at... Read more »

What does someone who's been blogging the roses for 6 months now...

give thanks for today? In the past few months, I’ve been thankful for such things as:“pumpkin spice lattes”“that I knew my grandparents”“cute rain boots” But, today? Today, I am grateful ~ 1/ That I’m healthy 2/ That H is healthy 3/ That my family and friends are healthy Because, the truth is, nothing else matters.... Read more »