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How to Talk with a New Jersey Accent

Have you heard the amazing news?  New Jersey was ranked the 5th sexiest accent in North America by the dating site My Facebook feed is blowing up.  I don’t think we’ve ever been so proud. The funny thing is I thought I sounded like Diane Sawyer until I moved to Chicago.  When it suddenly... Read more »

National Cheesecake Day: Golden Girls quotes on life

It’s National Cheesecake Day, which of course, reminds me of Golden Girls. Some people are obsessed with Star Wars or they can’t resist puppies or babies or Beanie Babies. I’m obsessed with old people. Some people seek wisdom from Yoda. I seek it from Dorothy, Sophia, that lovable tramp Blanche and, of course, Rose. I... Read more »

#RHONJ: In T Minus 7 Days ...

The letter ‘A’ will be enunciated (the sign of a true Jersey accent), The sign of the cross will be made (Melissa always crosses in the wrong direction. Where did she go to CCD?) and Sprinkle cookies will be thrown in the garbage (even though they’re from Corrado’s!) In the spirit of Roses, here’s to... Read more »

Downton Abbey: An example of how life can turn on a dime

And I’m not talking about Matthew. Or Sybil, for that matter. But, on a side note, did you expect DA to rip your heart out this season? Who can take it? Anyway, I mean the real Downton Abbey.  That is, Highclere Castle. Since I am now obsessed with all things DA and, as with all... Read more »

The Duggars: 20th Kid on the Way! What do you think?

Thumbs down. Don’t get me wrong ~ I hope baby #20 is happy, healthy and beautiful like all of their kids – as my grandmother would say, G0d bless ‘em – but … 1. Aren’t there enough people in the world? If Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 20 kids each have 20 kids, that’s 400... Read more »

Oprah's last show is tomorrow and ...

I, for one, am grateful ~ 1/ that the Oprah Winfrey Show has always aired at 4PM EST on ABC, which meant I got to watch it everyday after school 2/ and, although those early shows were sometimes salacious, when I say now that I want to be the kind of journalist who is “more... Read more »

All My Children and One Life to Live CANCELLED!!! ... But, do you care?

All My Children and One Life to Live CANCELLED!!! ... But, do you care?
Me neither but I can empathize with the fans who do since I went through my own soap addiction in college.  Days of Our Lives.  Watched it every weekday for two years until I finally got clean.  Actually, I graduated and started working, which was what really cured me.  It’s kind of hard to catch a show... Read more »

Comcast Cable goes black during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion

Have you ever heard of the Heidi Bowl? In 1968, during a football game where the New York Jets were playing the Oakland Raiders, NBC terminated the broadcast – with 65 seconds left in the game and Jets leading 32-29 – so that it could air the originally scheduled made-for-TV children’s movie Heidi. Yes, HEIDI! ... Read more »

Oprah's Big Reveal

She has a half sister.  And, it’s a family story that couldn’t have been written any better had it been one of the novels in Oprah’s Book Club.  First, the facts:- Vernita Lee and Vernon Winfrey had Oprah in 1954.  They never married. - As far as Oprah knew, Vernita Lee had only two other children – a daughter Pat and... Read more »