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Smartphones: the New Smoke Break?

I recall, a long time ago, reading Gilda Radner’s memoir where she described smoking as her “exclamation point in life.” She admitted, unabashedly, that she loved smoking (sadly, she later succumbed to ovarian cancer) and she would light up after meals, after the movies, after sex, first thing in the morning, in bed at the... Read more »

Steve Jobs, please intervene! Has Apple lost its way?

You leave Apple.  It goes downhill.  You come back.  It goes up.  You leave again, sadly.  And, sadly, down down down. I know you can hear me.  Please, Steve, you’re our only hope. As a lifelong PC user who married a Mac man, I was easily converted.  The reason, of course, were that Apple products... Read more »

The i is for idiots

Like me.  What I mean to say is ~ Thank you, Steve Jobs for 1/ iMovie ~ which is so idiot proof I became an iMovie fanatic, making a video montage for not only my wedding but my own bridal shower too (… cuckoo …) 2/ iWeb ~ which is so idiot proof that I... Read more »

The case of the haphazard hard drive plug and the evil adapter - Part 2

Update on the case of the haphazard hard drive plug and the evil adapter – - Best Buy tested my hard drive and confirmed it was ‘dead’- They took back the evil adapter- So, at least I didn’t pay $17 for the adapter they sold me that BLEW my hard drive and 9 hours of... Read more »

The case of the haphazard hard drive plug and the evil adapter

The timeline of events ~1. Fall of 2010 – Fern meets Liz, another lawyer, and the idea for a legal talk show for CANTV called Ms. Esquire is born. Liz comes up with the title, Fern comes up with the segment called The Island of Misfit Lawyers2. April 16, 2011 – Episode 1 of Ms.... Read more »

The good thing about losing ALL of the contacts in your phone...

After spending over 3 hours yesterday at Verizon, I left with my phone fixed but none of my contacts.  Apparently, your contacts are automatically saved in GMail but, for some reason, not mine.  Also, the “Backup Assistant” wasn’t set up and that’s not something they set up for you when you get your phone.  Uh,... Read more »

Overheard in Chicago

Twentysomething girl on the bus who appears to have recently broken up with her boyfriend and is on the phone with her mother ~ Girl: He detagged all of the pictures I was in. Girl: No, Ma, he detagged the ones I was in.  Like the ones from our trip.  Girl: He DETAGGED me.  Girl:... Read more »

Considering the fact that...

The majority of people who are actually interested in hearing me on the radio or seeing me do an interview are in the Northeast region of the U.S. – ok, who am I kidding, it’s mainly one person and she’s in New Jersey. Hi, Ma! – I am grateful for ~1/ podcasts2/ online videos3/ and... Read more »

Teens and Cell Phones: 5 Outrageous Stories

Can you believe there's a National Texting Championship? And the winner gets $50,000.  Read about the 13 year old girl who won here.
Let’s put aside for a moment the issues of texting while driving and sexting.  Here are five just plain outrageous stories involving teens and their cell phones. Today, I am grateful that when I was young (I can say that now that I’m a woman of a certain age) ~ 1/ I thought I had... Read more »