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8 Holiday Disaster Stories: Your holidays will never be this bad ... or this ridiculous

There should be a writer in every family because every family is chock full of material.  (Check out a Thanksgiving screenplay by Fern Ronay) Though, no matter how funny/crazy/dysfunctional your family is, I beg of you … put down the Christmas tree. From the archives ~~~ 8 holiday disaster stories ripped from the headlines ~~~... Read more »

7 Reasons Not to Drink and Drive (as if you need more than one)

‘Tis the season for giving and receiving and, my favorite part, overeating and imbibing … which reminds me of this entry from the Archives ~ always worth a repub ~ Happy New Year! ~~~~~~~ 1. You like your face.  I actually overheard someone once say “I don’t drink and drive because I like my face.”  I... Read more »

Holiday Tipping Guide

Tis the season … to tip … and I’m reminded of this entry from the Archives. ~~~ It’s a universal truth. Cash is king. We all know that. But, this time of year, when you want to give a little something to show your appreciation to certain people in your life who aren’t family and who aren’t friends... Read more »

Today is National Pastry Day! My cannoli memories ...

Growing up in New Jersey, the best cannoli were from Ferrara’s in Newark.  I never ate the shell, only the cream. I still only spoon out the cream if I’m eating a cannoli in the privacy of my own home. If I’m around other people, I eat the shell so I don’t look stupid. I’m... Read more »