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How to Live in Interfaith Harmony

This is not a clinical how to. If you’re struggling with interfaith issues in your relationship or friendship or life, I’d suggest talking with your pastor, priest, rabbi or a counselor.  If you want to know the Ferny How To Guide to Life, keep reading. 1. Seek cultural advice from willing mentors, like my friend... Read more »

Tests I've Failed

I passed the CPA exam. I passed the New York bar exam. I passed the New Jersey bar exam. But, I failed another test, recently. It was more like a pop quiz. It happened like this. The lesson: I’m not an extremely religious person but I like going to church on Sunday.  I particularly like... Read more »

Six Days with Dalai Lama and a Buddhist Nun

July 2008, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania I was sitting next to a Buddhist nun with a Starbucks coffee and a day planner.  Her head was freshly shaven and she was in orange robes and sandals.  I suddenly felt self-conscious of my own Coach sandals and took my feet out to cover the label with my toes. Apparently,... Read more »