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Today is Love Your Pet Day, which reminds me ...

Not surprisingly, of my little nugget, Magoo. Or Magooski, or Chubs,or Chubbo,or Big Boy, or Notorious P.I.G.or my little pepperonior my little furry meatball. I’m not the only one with pet names for my pet. Am I? Today, I am grateful for ~1/ my little powdered doughnut, of course2/ especially when he rolls on his... Read more »

Woman dyes her poodle pink...gets charged with animal cruelty

A Florida woman dyed her poodle’s paws and tail pink for Halloween because she thought it was cute.  It was also a non-toxic, harmless dye. Someone who did not think it was cute was an animal control officer who fined the woman $255.  Apparently, there is a state statute in Florida as well as a... Read more »