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Four Amazing Typos

1. Vatican Coin Typo - Let’s get right to it. This post was born this morning when I was on the elliptical and heard this bit of ridiculousness – “In honor of the first year of Pope Francis’ papacy, the Vatican issued a commemorative medal Tuesday. Just one problem: The Vatican misspelled the name of Jesus on the... Read more »

In the news this week: What are your thoughts?

This week, in the news and/or my news feed ~ Camp Gyno At first, my mouth dropped. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate gutsy ads. Still, I thought: ”I know we’re talking about the lady parts here but This.Takes.BALLS.” Now, I’ve watched it somewhere between twenty and a thousand times and can’t stop laughing. Downloading ‘Queen Bee’ as we speak.   Speaking of... Read more »

Anchor and Meteorologist Trade Barbs: Ever Been Hated by a Co-worker?

Yes. Make that two co-workers. Picture this: It was my first job out of college. I was a 22 year old ‘associate’ working for a female ‘senior associate’ and a female manager. Let’s call them Annie and Marie. So, Annie, Marie and I were the team assigned to a large financial services client. We worked... Read more »

My prayers for Newtown

Birthdates ending in 06. There have been so many jarring sights and sounds from this tragedy – for me, that was one of the worst – seeing those birthdates of 2006. I’ve said before that you should never remember the day someone was born AND the day they die.  It is completely unnatural.  Think about... Read more »

I thought it finally happened ...

that on day 360 of Roses, I have nothing, NOTHING, to write about.  What am I grateful for today? I have no idea! The well has finally run dry.  I got nothing. But, then, I turned on the news and, of course, today I am grateful ~1/ for the roof over my head 2/ and... Read more »