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Three things my father taught me

The value of: 1/ Hard work 2/ Not frying your meatballs (just let them cook in the gravy!) 3/ Doo wop – The music with the best lyrics, in my opinion.  Maybe it’s because I’m an old soul and a romantic and a Libra but I’ll take these lyrics any day over the kind that... Read more »

One reason to stop texting, emailing, tweeting and Facebooking ...

My eyes are glued to my phone. My fingers are pecking away. I’m using my peripheral vision to walk around that person and that person.  Excuse me! I have somewhere to be! I have messages to send! All the while, Grammy-award winning violinist Joshua Bell could be making beautiful music in the train station …... Read more »

Crack is wack and other things Whitney Houston taught me

1. Lawn seats will do just fine. It was my first concert. Whitney only had one album at that point.  And, it was at the Garden State Arts Center – that’s what it was called back then, the days before banks and airlines bought naming rights. My mom and aunt had waited in line for... Read more »

Yesterday morning, on the CTA platform...

I hear a loud ringing.  I turn around and a man in a trench coat pulls out one of those beige Trimline telephones from the 1980′s that my parents used to have. “You saw me eating at Chimichanga’s with who?” He’s very loud.  “I can do whatever I want.” Click. “Hit it.” At which point,... Read more »