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I used to be in the World Trade Center all the time ...

Recently, I saw a documentary that included some of the only footage of *inside* the World Trade Center and I thought about how well I knew that lobby. I used to go there a lot. After college, I worked for the accounting firm Deloitte & Touche.  D&T was and still is located at ’2WFC’, which... Read more »

Survival of the well manicured on public transportation

Speaking of CTA horror stories, when I lived in NYC, I was on the subway one day with my nose in a book when I went to reach for the handrail and my fingers scraped something soft.  I looked up and realized I had just gently scraped some girl’s face. Her FACE! And she looked... Read more »

Do you believe Charlie Sheen? VOTE here.

As you may have heard, Charlie Sheen allegedly - trashed his room at the Plaza Hotel, ripping curtains, overturning tables and breaking glass- while there was a lady of the night hiding in the closet- and while his ex-wife Denise Richards and their two daughters were also staying at the Plaza and were only a... Read more »

When I worked next to Ground Zero

My first job after college was in the World Financial Center, next to the World Trade Center.  It was the late 90′s so there was no Ground Zero.  It was just the World Trade Center. I left that job in 1999 to go to law school.  The next time I returned, it was 2006.  I... Read more »

Things Chicago has that NYC does not

The following list is not exhaustive: 1.  Wow Bao.  Mongolian Beef hot buns get A++ 2.  A zoo that is clean and free.  There’s pretty much nothing in Manhattan that is clean AND free. 3.  SPIRIT!  It’s one of the first things H and I noticed when we moved here.  No one ever dyes the... Read more »