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Strange Encounters of the A-hole Kind

Magoo, our cat, had a 10:30AM appointment for his annual check up on Saturday. Me to H: Can you take him? I have to go the gym, go to Whole Foods, go to Walgreens, write, get my eyebrows threaded. H: No problem. Me to H: Oh wait, it’s near my eyebrow place. Okay, I’ll go... Read more »

Tests I've Failed

I passed the CPA exam. I passed the New York bar exam. I passed the New Jersey bar exam. But, I failed another test, recently. It was more like a pop quiz. It happened like this. The lesson: I’m not an extremely religious person but I like going to church on Sunday.  I particularly like... Read more »

Rude, angry people: How do you deal with them?

The other day, at the bank, I asked a woman standing near the deposit counter if she was on line. Her response:  What do you think I’m standing here for? Today, I am grateful for wise words ~ 1/ Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. – Plato Outwardly ~ As... Read more »

10 Reasons Not to Hate Winter

Aaaaaand it’s winter again.  54 degree days in Chicago in January have gone bye bye and the snow finally makes it feel like the season it is. I’m a summer loving lady myself but here are 10 reasons not to completely hate winter. 1/ Hot cocoa with marshmallows? Keep your lemonade, summer. With shaved chocolate?... Read more »

8 Uses for a Chicago Public Library Card

8 Uses for a Chicago Public Library Card
I renewed my Chicago Public Library card today. H thinks the fact that I have one is cute/funny/geeky.  Say what you want about us geeks.  We know a good geeky deal when we see one… Today, I am grateful ~1/ for libraries2/ and my library card3/ and not having to pay for books I hate. ... Read more »

Yesterday, I lost my sunglasses ...

And they were Fendi and they were beautiful and I loved them very much. Ironically, I was at Filene’s Basement bargain hunting when I lost them.  I retraced my steps from the dressing room and back but no luck.  I checked with customer service.  Nothing.  As the lady said, “No one’s going to turn those... Read more »

In Twitter Speak

Today, I am #grateful for ~ 1/ #NewFriends2/ especially ones who think it’s funny when I snort when I laugh #ImSuchADork3/ the chocolate bundt cake from @CornerBakery #Yum Thank you for reading Stop and Blog the Roses.  Follow me on Twitter @fernronay or on Facebook here.

The CTA's single file escalators make me nervous...

Especially when I’m in high heels, which is almost all of the time. And especially when there is a train waiting. And there is a man right behind me screaming “HOLD THE TRAIN. HOLD THE TRAIN. HOLD THE TRAIN.” And, yes, I’ve done three half marathons but never in heels while carrying a tote bag... Read more »

Did you remember to unplug your iron this morning?

I guess if you wear wrinkly clothes, this is not a problem for you. But here is a peek inside my head this morning: Wait, did I unplug the iron? I’m sure I did but I don’t specifically recall actually unplugging it from the socket. I think it’s one of those ones that turns off... Read more »

The First Snowflakes of Fall Were Spotted Today

       Yes, fall. That’s life in Chicago.        Although I’m a lover of summer, this latest weather development does         not get me down because I’m looking forward to ~ 1/ making chicken chili2/ and turkey chili3/ and regular chili in my new slow cooker.  Love chili on a cold day, followed by hot cocoa... Read more »