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Secrets of the Ya Ya Belleville-hood: Does the universe have ears?

I can’t tell you what we all wished for. Then it won’t come true! But, I can tell you they were all very different and all very important to each of us. I can’t tell you about the little ritual. But, I can tell you no animals were sacrificed. I won’t tell you their names... Read more »

Heartwarming story of the week

Not that I do this every week but it seemed like a perfect headline. In Crawfordsville, Indiana, three men who work for the sanitation department came across an envelope lying in the middle of a busy street.  It looked like it had been run over more than once.  When they opened it, they found hundreds... Read more »

Airline karma is a bitch

Three years ago – I was sitting in the exit row, making myself comfortable for the five hour flight from NYC to LA to visit H, who was already there.  Anyone who flies regularly knows that the exit row is the cream of the crop for us bottom feeders in Coach.  It’s First Class leg... Read more »