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A Tale of Two Christmases: Me, a Homeless Man and my Sunglasses

I lost my Fendi sunglasses on Friday while bargain hunting at Filene’s Basement. I called the store again yesterday just in case someone turned them in and when the lady told me they had them, I squealed.  I felt like Scrooge on Christmas morning.  I wanted to hug strangers on the street. I bought Godiva... Read more »

Today is National Roof Over Your Head Day

This reminds me of a story I covered when I first moved to Chicago.  On a January night in 2009, from 8PM to well past midnight, I went around the city with two people from the Department of Family and Support Services and literally counted the number of homeless people.  It was for HUD’s ‘Point... Read more »

Today, a man with no legs told me I have nice toes

I did just get a pedicure. But, honestly, what a sense of humor!  My heart went out to him … and so did some of my change. Today, I am grateful ~ 1/ For my legs 2/ Especially my toes…don’t hate them because they’re beautiful! 3/ For funny men on street corners who’ve had hard... Read more »