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Half Marathon Highlights

Best pre-race snack: At the Team 2 End Aids tent (I think that’s what it was. I could be wrong. It was early) where I helped myself to a scoop of peanut butter and some coffee. Best sign: You guys are all really good at exercise. (Can’t make this stuff up) Most disturbing t-shirt sighting:... Read more »

My Chicago half marathon hopes and fears

Fears:1/ Not feeling so prepared for this one.2/ Some of those around me are not feeling so great and I am forced to be within in a ten foot radius of them. Hopes:1/ That Kuma’s Corner is all it’s cracked up to be for my annual cheeseburger.2/ That there’s not a long line at Sprinkles... Read more »

Dear Sprinkles: We're breaking up!

It’s over!  And, no, you’re not going to woo me back with your creamy deliciousness and intoxicating aroma.  I mean it this time.  We’re through! Yes, it seems like H and I have been celebrating our wedding for months now.  It’s been a non-stop party.  And, just because I’m training for the half marathon, that... Read more »

Thank G0d for the do-over

1/ Yesterday, I was supposed to run 7 miles (training for the 1/2 marathon) and I made the stupid mistake of running outside.  The blistering heat kicked my ass and I had to quit halfway through. Today, 7 miles… on the treadmill…much better. 2/ On Thursday, it wasn’t the heat but the wind that slapped... Read more »