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A bar mitzvah, a teal prom dress & a catering hall: Do you believe in destiny?

On this day, thirty years ago, my husband celebrated his bar mitzvah at the one and only Richfield Regency in Verona, New Jersey. Supposedly, there was a band, a conga line and a blonde lead singer who led the conga line with her ‘nice tushy.’ [When an Italian marries a nice Jewish boy, you learn... Read more »

5 Reasons to Go to Your High School Reunion

In 2007, people kept saying to me “Why aren’t you on Facebook?” and I kept saying “I don’t get it. I’m already in touch with everyone I want to be in touch with. What’s the point? … I have email.  … and oh, I’m on LinkedIn!” to which those same people would shake their heads... Read more »

Would you steal the Baby Jesus?

He looked so shiny and ripe for the taking.  And big.  Only in Belleville, New Jersey could a manger that big sit on the high school lawn with nary an objection.   There was also a big Mary and a big Joseph.  Some animals too.  And they all seemed to glow as a warm light was shining down – not just... Read more »