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8 Holiday Disaster Stories: Your holidays will never be this bad ... or this ridiculous

There should be a writer in every family because every family is chock full of material.  (Check out a Thanksgiving screenplay by Fern Ronay) Though, no matter how funny/crazy/dysfunctional your family is, I beg of you … put down the Christmas tree. From the archives ~~~ 8 holiday disaster stories ripped from the headlines ~~~... Read more »

Wedding Traditions: 14 Ones to Break

Tradition: Getting Married in a Church by a Priest.  
Alternative: Getting married on a beach, on a mountain or on a cliff and having a friend or family member get ordained and do the honors.
If you’ve come across this post because you’re in the middle of wedding planning, you’re probably feeling both excited and overwhelmed. Or more overwhelmed than excited. But before you throw in the tulle and tell your significant other that it’s time to elope, here are 14 wedding traditions you should feel free to break free... Read more »

Famous Jennifers

Jennifer Aniston
Today is Learn What Your Name Means Day. Apparently, Jennifer means ‘fair.’ Pffft. And so I am reminded of this entry from the Archives ~~ I never liked being a Jennifer.  It always felt so – what’s the word? – normal.  I’m a lot of things but normal is definitely not one of them.  I... Read more »

On Gratitude and Other Things

365 days.  365 blog entries.  1,095 things to be grateful for.  And this is what I’ve learned ~ 1.  I think, sometimes, I forget to thank the busboy.  But, the waiter, the waitress, the hostess, the coat check person, the cab driver, the bus driver, the doorman, the guy who holds the elevator? I’m a... Read more »

Baby bullies: Have you encountered them?

A funny thing happened on the way back from the altar – or, in H and my case, the outdoor gazebo. I’ve been married almost a year and it seems that almost since our wedding day, I’ve been subjected to comments of this variety ~ We’ll be going to your baby shower next! You’ve got... Read more »

Do you believe in the evil eye?

FINALLY, my headache is gone.  I had the worst headache for two straight days. And, I wondered … Could it be allergies? Could it be that I need to see the chiropractor? Could it be lack of sleep? Or could it be … ‘the eyes?’  (*cue thunder, lightning*) My Grandma LaSala would say it was... Read more »

A friend like Gigi

If you ever find yourself at an Irish karaoke bar in Paris ~ and one does indeed exist ~ and you come across a young man named Pierre (what else would his name be?) who loves Americans, thinks French people need to cheer up and has an ‘I Heart NY’ wallet (can’t make this stuff up),... Read more »

10 Stories of Love Gone ... Crazypants

10 Stories of Love Gone ... Crazypants
No matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day and no matter how in love or in hate you are at the moment, take heart ~ you could never be as crazy as these people (let’s hope) … Today, I am grateful ~ 1/ That H doesn’t own a cream puff factory 2/ or have access to large amounts of... Read more »

How a Manhattanite from Jersey now living in Chicago became a Dallas Cowboys fan

December 20, 2008; Irving, Texas; Last game ever at Texas Stadium Blame it on the babysitter. That’s what I say.  He’s the reason H and I are driving around in endless circles outside Texas Stadium looking for parking on a COLD December day.  Isn’t it supposed to be hot in Texas?  Our tickets to the last game... Read more »