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Do you believe in the evil eye?

FINALLY, my headache is gone.  I had the worst headache for two straight days. And, I wondered … Could it be allergies? Could it be that I need to see the chiropractor? Could it be lack of sleep? Or could it be … ‘the eyes?’  (*cue thunder, lightning*) My Grandma LaSala would say it was... Read more »

About my Grandma LaSala

My grandmother and my mother ~ If she were alive, she’d be 93 today. ~ On October 30, 1938, she was washing windows on the 2nd floor of her parents’ house in Newark, New Jersey when she heard the CBS radio broadcast of War of the Worlds and thought it was real and almost fell... Read more »

What's your American History?

Today, I am grateful ~ 1/ For, as my friend CW tells her British boyfriend, my “freedom from tyranny.” 2/ That in the last century, the woman to the left here – my great great grandmother – let her three sons and daughter move to America from Italy.  Thank you, Angela Maria! 3/ That I’ve... Read more »