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DirecTV + PS3 + Sunday Ticket = Fight for your right to Football

The facts: I am a Dallas Cowboys fan (How did that happen?  Read this – Unlikely Football Fans: A Pair of Nuns and Me) I live in Chicago. Because I live in Chicago, not every Cowboy game is on television. Because it is 2013, I have should have options. Option 1: Can I buy DirecTV’s Sunday... Read more »

Brian Urlacher was my first celebrity sighting in Chicago

The  year was 2009. The location was O’Hare International Airport. More specifically: the food court. More specifically: Dunkin Donuts. I ordered my large coffee, 2 sugar, extra skim milk when I heard the man behind me order two elephant ears (Yes, elephant ears. I know they don’t sell them at DD but they sold them... Read more »

Unlikely Football Fans: Me & a Pair of Nuns

I have something in common with these two. We’re all virgins. Kidding! You might look at them and you might look at me and you might think ‘What could they all possibly have in common?’ Maybe they all like to crochet?  Maybe they’re all fans of Downton Abbey? Well, if the title of this blog... Read more »

Update: PS3 + Sunday Ticket ... did it work?

In the spirit of Stop and Blog the Roses, today, I am grateful to report that, yes, it worked!! If you read this post, then you know 1/ it pays to practice The Secret 2/ and start a Twitter campaign 3/ and, as if my cup doesn’t runneth over enough at the thought of never... Read more »

PS3 + DirecTV Sunday Ticket: Will it work this Sunday?

Last Sunday, I paid $300 to get Sunday Ticket on my new PS3. Yesss!!! I can watch the Cowboys without having to go to a bar and be surrounded by drunk idiots!! I hate drunk people!! (unless I’m the drunk one. Then, drunk people are just fine). Enter credit card number. Confirm. Bring it! …... Read more »

Fellow Blogger of the Week

This week, it’s not just one blogger but a gaggle of my fellow football loving gal bloggers at ChicksInTheHuddle – A place for chicks who love football and the guys who love chicks who love football.  Check it out, even if you’re not a chick. Say that first paragraph 10 times. Say a prayer that... Read more »

Nothing is certain but death and taxes

On Tax Day, I’m reminded of that semester in law school when I took both Sports Law and Tax.  By that point, I was already a CPA so Tax felt like a breeze. But Sports Law, not so much.  I wasn’t sure if a right guard played football or baseball and I’m pretty sure I... Read more »

It could always be worse. You could be a Cowboys fan.

Oh silver lining, where are you?Ok. Let’s try this. Even though the sting of the Thanksgiving day loss is still with me and even though I think I inadvertently caused it, at least ~1/ we had fun2/ we were with friends3/ we got on the jumbotron!  If you can’t root for a winning team, root... Read more »

Have you ever heard of Marcus Dupree?

Or, as the song went, the Marvelous Marcus Dupree? He is the subject of the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary The Best That Never Was, which I finally saw and felt compelled to write about for ChicksInTheHuddle.  Today, I am grateful ~1/ For extraordinary documentaries2/ about extraordinary people3/ who are humble and kind.  If there... Read more »

The '85 Chicago Bears Reunion

The '85 Chicago Bears Reunion
included a seat on stage for #34 Walter Payton. As his son Jarrett Payton said, while he waited backstage, he looked down at his watch and it was 8:34.  His father might not be there physically but he was there.    Naturally, the other players and Coach Mike Ditka talked about what Walter Payton did on... Read more »