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Thank you, "Your Tan May Be Killing You"

Fellow CN blogger DonnaJeanne writes Your Tan May Be Killing You.  As she describes it, “As a Stage IV Melanoma patient, it is my goal to teach you ways that you can avoid Melanoma because I’d love to keep you out of my shoes.” If it wasn’t Donna herself, her blog, the blog’s name (if... Read more »

I Broke Up with My Doctor

I have high blood pressure. Apparently, it’s hereditary but I still had to get an ultrasound to make sure the arteries around my kidneys weren’t constricted. I learned that last part from the internet because the conversation with my doctor went like this: Dr. BadBedside (if ever there was an appropriate pseudonym): I’m going to... Read more »

I cried again on the treadmill this morning

It happens from time to time.  Sometimes, I get caught (mor-ti-fy-ing).  Sometimes, I don’t.  This morning, I was free and clear. But, how could anyone not cry at THIS? 8 month old Jonathan was deaf and never responded to sound but now he can hear thanks to a cochlear implant.  As doctors turned on the... Read more »