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Hello, Magnolia!

Dear Sprinkles, I know I tried to break up with you late last summer and, aside from a few ‘meetings,’ I’ve kept my word.  It wasn’t you.  It was me.  I swore off cupcakes forever. But, well, you might have heard that my first true love ~ THE Magnolia Bakery ~ is coming to Chicago... Read more »

Today is National Cupcake Day

Yes, there is actually a National Cupcake Day.  It’s today. And, since I’m obsessed with cupcakes, I knew I didn’t want a wedding cake but a cupcake tower instead. And, as I think of this, I think of how it takes a village to make your bridal cupcake dreams come true ~ 1/ Kara from... Read more »

Little things...

A perfect birthday gift from my in laws ~1/ It smells delicious2/ I will not eat it3/ and either will Magoo. Thanks for reading Stop and Blog the Roses. Follow me on Twitter @fernronay.

Half Marathon Highlights

Best pre-race snack: At the Team 2 End Aids tent (I think that’s what it was. I could be wrong. It was early) where I helped myself to a scoop of peanut butter and some coffee. Best sign: You guys are all really good at exercise. (Can’t make this stuff up) Most disturbing t-shirt sighting:... Read more »

Dear Sprinkles: We're breaking up!

It’s over!  And, no, you’re not going to woo me back with your creamy deliciousness and intoxicating aroma.  I mean it this time.  We’re through! Yes, it seems like H and I have been celebrating our wedding for months now.  It’s been a non-stop party.  And, just because I’m training for the half marathon, that... Read more »

I feel like a Teletubby with an axe through my head

Maybe it was the red wine.  Maybe it was the steak and the brisket (Texas style. De-lish!) and the potatoes au gratin and more red wine and the cupcake from Sweet Mandy B’s ~ btw, anyone who knows me knows I’m a NYer with an allegiance to the Buttercup Bake Shop but I love Chicago... Read more »