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Survival of the well manicured on public transportation

Speaking of CTA horror stories, when I lived in NYC, I was on the subway one day with my nose in a book when I went to reach for the handrail and my fingers scraped something soft.  I looked up and realized I had just gently scraped some girl’s face. Her FACE! And she looked... Read more »

Overheard on the bus

Young lady to another young lady: “I was like why are you telling me this? And he said he’s an open book. And I was like ‘Well, shut it!’” They both laughed. And, I thought ~1/ of how within minutes of meeting H, he told me his first wife was Italian too (which of course,... Read more »

A relatively uneventful bus ride turned mildly interesting when ...

I heard “STOP! STOP THE BUS! HER FOOT IS STUCK!” The bus stopped.  A tall blonde 20-something woman got on and, as she swiped her card, said to the bus driver “My foot was in the door when you started pulling away!” and “It’s not funny!” Then, she got on the phone to her boyfriend/mom/sister.... Read more »

Overheard on the bus

He told her that he loves her but that he needs to be alone … to work on himself … They’ve been together two years. It’s not like it’s only been a couple of months … She saw on Facebook that he’s going to some business school alumni event tonight at a bar.  How is... Read more »

Yesterday, as I was getting on the Red Line on my way home ...

My eyes were glued to my phone.  I was reading something about winning and being from Mars and tiger blood.    Still, I have enough peripheral vision to see that the train had arrived, that the door was opening to my left, that I had to walk approximately four feet to get on the train... Read more »

The CTA's single file escalators make me nervous...

Especially when I’m in high heels, which is almost all of the time. And especially when there is a train waiting. And there is a man right behind me screaming “HOLD THE TRAIN. HOLD THE TRAIN. HOLD THE TRAIN.” And, yes, I’ve done three half marathons but never in heels while carrying a tote bag... Read more »

Yesterday morning, on the CTA platform...

I hear a loud ringing.  I turn around and a man in a trench coat pulls out one of those beige Trimline telephones from the 1980′s that my parents used to have. “You saw me eating at Chimichanga’s with who?” He’s very loud.  “I can do whatever I want.” Click. “Hit it.” At which point,... Read more »

Odd question

Bus driver: Can I ask you a question? Me: Uh, sure. Bus driver: I have this friend, a female, and she is considering marrying this multi-millionaire.  What would you tell her? Obviously, I had 2 million follow up questions.Unfortunately, he asked me this when I was 2 seconds from my stop.  Me: Is she in... Read more »

Overheard in Chicago

He brought his new girlfriend.  And, at one point, we started talking about matrices and she had no clue.  He’s getting his PhD and she’s still in undergrad but still, how can you date someone who doesn’t know what a matrix is?  Today, I am grateful ~ 1/ That I’m not friends with these people.... Read more »

A man on the bus this morning said this word about 100 times

Asshole. It went something like this – “Asshole.  He’s an asshole.  Asshole.  Asshole.  He’s a professional asshole.  Asshole.  You got any Canadian money you want to exchange?  Bring it to him.  He’ll exchange it for you.  Asshole.  He’s an asshole.  Asshole.” He was disheveled and talking to no one in particular.  I started counting how... Read more »