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Overheard on the bus

He told her that he loves her but that he needs to be alone … to work on himself … They’ve been together two years. It’s not like it’s only been a couple of months … She saw on Facebook that he’s going to some business school alumni event tonight at a bar.  How is... Read more »

I smelled my grandmother on the bus this morning

I sat up straighter and tried to get another whiff but to no avail. Still, I’m grateful ~1/ to whoever wore Nina Ricci on the #3 Michigan Avenue bus this morning2/ that I got off the bus right before I had a major coughing attack. Mortifying. 3/ that I can hear my grandmother telling me... Read more »

If you think the CTA is bad ...

Dear New Jersey Transit Bus Driver behind the wheel on December 30, 2010 at Orient Way in Rutherford, New Jerseyat exactly 1:15 EST: You know who you are.  Route #190.  Yeah, I’m looking at you.  Big mistake.  HUGE.  Oh, you don’t recognize me from my photo?  I was wearing a (gorgeous) cream colored Via Spiga... Read more »

Odd question

Bus driver: Can I ask you a question? Me: Uh, sure. Bus driver: I have this friend, a female, and she is considering marrying this multi-millionaire.  What would you tell her? Obviously, I had 2 million follow up questions.Unfortunately, he asked me this when I was 2 seconds from my stop.  Me: Is she in... Read more »

A man on the bus this morning said this word about 100 times

Asshole. It went something like this – “Asshole.  He’s an asshole.  Asshole.  Asshole.  He’s a professional asshole.  Asshole.  You got any Canadian money you want to exchange?  Bring it to him.  He’ll exchange it for you.  Asshole.  He’s an asshole.  Asshole.” He was disheveled and talking to no one in particular.  I started counting how... Read more »

I just sat next to an ashtray on the bus

It had arms and legs and was carrying a beige handbag.  It was in a yellow cable knit sweater even though it’s June.  And, the thing that really struck me, it was wearing a gold locket. I didn’t move though. She, the ashtray, is probably a lonely widow who rides the bus to nowhere in... Read more »