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Why it's OK to be a Bridezilla

The short answer: You can’t help it. But, for those friends and family who still don’t get it, here is the long answer ~  You were born this way.  You’re a girly girl.  And girly girls are not made. They’re born.  See my entry from Monday as further proof of this. And, because you were born... Read more »

Royal wedding guests receive 22-page instruction letter

Royal wedding guests receive 22-page instruction letter
Most of the directives sound reasonable ~ Don’t wear white. Arrive on time. Don’t touch the Queen (as tempting as it may be). And one that brought back a memory from H and my own wedding ~ Turn your cell phone off! In the time before my wedding, I had no shortage of ridiculous bridal... Read more »

What I learned from my own Running of the Brides experience

I went in 2009 and … 1/ Go with a team of girls.  I was by myself as my own team (mom, aunts, cousins, friends) are pretty much all in NY/NJ.2/ Make sure your team consists of morning people. I got there at 7AM and it wasn’t early enough. My place in line was all... Read more »

Today is National Cupcake Day

Yes, there is actually a National Cupcake Day.  It’s today. And, since I’m obsessed with cupcakes, I knew I didn’t want a wedding cake but a cupcake tower instead. And, as I think of this, I think of how it takes a village to make your bridal cupcake dreams come true ~ 1/ Kara from... Read more »

The Bridezilla Promise

Dear Friends, It happened!  Got the guy.  Got the ring.  I’m the bride! Now, it’s my turn to make you pay for an ugly dress, which I said I’d never do because, well, I lied! Dear Family, I’ll wear what I want that day even if it’s a pink dress with polka dots or a... Read more »

The Wedding Day Hormone

I exist.  I do not come in pill or liquid form.  I am naturally occurring.  I course through your body on your wedding day and turn even the most nightmarish bridezilla into a ball of mush.  I am odorless.  I am colorless.  I cannot be detected through a blood sample.  I am not visible but... Read more »