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The three ounce rule: What's the worst thing you've had to surrender?

A Fage yogurt with honey. A plastic container of cut up honeydew and cantaloupe. Those are my most recent victims. I saw the TSA agent pluck the yogurt from my bag.  ”This yours?”  I nodded.  Yogurt?  Really?  Yogurt?  Fine. As we head to our gate, I see another security check. What?  Another one?  I guzzle... Read more »

I was just groped by a TSA Officer

Welcome to Newark Airport!  Two drink minimum.  No cover charge. The place is full of comedians … well, mainly my husband.  It happened like this ~ I’m walking through security and I’m deliriously tired (and a little hungover after attending a fabulous wedding the night before where I thoroughly enjoyed myself) and I’m asked to... Read more »