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Let's Play "The Airline Did WHAT?" Game

Select your play piece. I’ll take the mini typewriter. Line ‘em up right here with your paper boarding pass in hand. Roll the dice. Pick a card with a question. Let the games begin.  (And, yes, this really happened.  Yesterday.  United.  Orlando to O’Hare) 1. You hand your boarding pass to the airline attendant. She... Read more »

Oh the joys of air travel ...

Oh the joys of air travel ...
Voicemail at 11:16AM: This is American Airlines calling about a flight cancellation.  We apologize for the inconvenience. Your flight on April 23rd from O’Hare to Newark has been cancelled. At 11:31AM, I dial 800-433-7300 where I am on hold for 8 minutes. Misery (not her real name): Hello, this is Misery (slightly inaudible) Me: Hi,... Read more »

JetBlues ~ part 2

Thank G0d for ~1/ Twitter2/ and the instant reply 3/ of @JetBlue, which was “the flight returned with a maintenance indication that our JFK team is better prepared to handle.”Huh. Ok. Hmmm.Well, as Al Capone didn’t say, better safe than sorry.


My parents were supposed to visit this weekend.  But, on Saturday, one hour into their Jet Blue flight from JFK to Chicago, with only 40 minutes remaining, the pilot advised that they were turning around.  Turning around?! Did the pilot forget something? If there was really a problem with the plane, why wouldn’t they just... Read more »

What's the point of checking in for your flight online ...

the day before, as I did last week before my trip, IF when you get to the kiosk, it says to see an agent.  And you try five other kiosks and it’s all the same.  And then you wait in line for 45 minutes to see an agent – even though, while you’re in line,... Read more »