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Blog Hop: Why do you write?

Welcome to my first blog hop! While I may be a creative type (a writer, a blogger), I’m also still a nerd at heart (a CPA and a lawyer) and I will, therefore, follow these blog hop directions to a T (pushes glasses up nose). Here we go. STEP ONE: Acknowledge the person & site... Read more »

She Writes Chicago: Event Recap

The invitation: See my name bottom left! I was so flattered to be asked. The location: American Junkie, 15 W. Illinois St., Chicago. The host: Jillian Conley, author of Dating Chase Walker The charity: My Three Sisters Literacy Initiative. Learn more here. The #ChiWomenWriters: Check out my fellow writers here! ~~~ In the spirit of Stop... Read more »

If my favorite 80's and 90's movie characters had iPhones

I once asked author Jennifer Weiner a question on Twitter about whether she feels the need to incorporate social media in her books now, as opposed to her first book that came out in 2001 before the days of Facebook and Twitter.  She kindly tweeted me back, stating that she actually does because a book... Read more »

Do you believe in signs?

And miracles, for that matter. The world is made up of two kinds of people – the believers and the non-believers. I am in the former and that’s how I ended up being the weirdo at Dunkin Donuts the other morning. The Long Explanation - My grandfather sends me pennies.  Yes, he died 12 years... Read more »

Killing the Angel: A Writing Must

My Inner Angel: You can’t do that. My Inner Writer: Why not? Angel: A book about a lawyer who wants to be a housewife? Are you kidding me? Writer: No.  Not kidding. Angel: What will people think? Writer: Who cares? Angel: What lawyer would actually not want to work and stay at home in A-line... Read more »

I've developed a strange habit since moving to Chicago

It happens like this. Someone else: Did you see that movie with Meryl Streep where - Me: She’s from New Jersey! Someone else: Last night, Chelsea Handler - Me: She’s from New Jersey! Someone else: One of the Jonas Brothers - Me: They’re from New Jersey! Someone else: You’re proud of that? Me: I can’t... Read more »