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Use the fine china, already: The Story of a Wedding Painting

One of H and my favorite things about our wedding was the artist. We had an artist – the amazing Martin Hardy – who did an oil painting of our reception. The final product turned out so beautifully, we took a picture of it and made it our thank you cards. And that was the... Read more »

#WeddingWednesday: Miss Havisham works at the Chicago Post Office

Text exchange between B (stands for bride) and me (a married lady of three years) ~ Me: Have you heard from everyone re the shower and bachelorette party? B: No!  A few invitations were sent back by the post office for some reason.  So now I don’t know if the non-responders either didn’t get the... Read more »

Happy wife, happy life? I say: Good man, good life

Last month, when Ship My Pants went viral, it was incredibly exciting. But, for me, the icing on the cake was all of the messages H got that “It couldn’t happen to a better guy.” Yes, he’s funny, he’s smart, he’s a cutie, but best of all, he is decent. In the spirit of Roses,... Read more »

Three's Company Style Email Exchange

Fern (in the part of Chrissy Snow) receives an email from best friend V (Janet Wood).  It’s a link.  V/Janet always sends Fern/Chrissy links, stuff she knows she would appreciate, like stories about funny old people or where to get the best mac and cheese in Chicago. Fern/Chrissy clicks link.  “Lose Fat In No Time. ... Read more »

Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake, Congrats and now beware of the BABY BULLIES!

Congratulations to Jessica and Justin! Now, how long before all the magazines start with that ‘baby bump watch’ sh1t?  One month?  Maybe two? … which reminds me of this entry from the Archives. ~~~ A funny thing happened on the way back from the altar – or, in H and my case, the outdoor gazebo.... Read more »

Marriage Advice from a 6 Year Old

Recently, at a bridal shower, my 6 year old niece provided this nugget of wisdom.  It reads:  Please don’t poop your pants. I have no idea where she came up with that (I swear!).  But, today, on H and my 2nd wedding anniversary, I am pleased – and in the spirit of Stop and Blog... Read more »

At this time, one year ago ...

I was checking the weather report for Saturday, May 15th, approximately every 10 -15 minutes. It had been calling for rain in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey on the day I was set to marry H in an outdoor ceremony and even though there was an indoor ceremony contingency plan, that’s not how I had been... Read more »

Fellow Blogger of the Week

Enough about Osama, it’s #WeddingWednesday on Twitter! And, today I think about how, like any red-blooded American bride, I wanted to be really emaciated on my wedding day. Kidding! Kidding! Kidding! But, I was on a pre-wedding diet – who isn’t? – and it was then that I discovered Gina and her amazing Weight Watchers... Read more »

Why it's OK to be a Bridezilla

The short answer: You can’t help it. But, for those friends and family who still don’t get it, here is the long answer ~  You were born this way.  You’re a girly girl.  And girly girls are not made. They’re born.  See my entry from Monday as further proof of this. And, because you were born... Read more »

Royal wedding guests receive 22-page instruction letter

Royal wedding guests receive 22-page instruction letter
Most of the directives sound reasonable ~ Don’t wear white. Arrive on time. Don’t touch the Queen (as tempting as it may be). And one that brought back a memory from H and my own wedding ~ Turn your cell phone off! In the time before my wedding, I had no shortage of ridiculous bridal... Read more »