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Polar Vortex: 4 "It's so cold that this happened" stories

It’s so cold… 1. An escaped convict went back to jail where it’s warm.  A Kentucky inmate managed to escape prison on Sunday but with a temperature of 3 degrees and a wind chill of -17 in Lexington, he actually turned himself back in.  Read about it here. 2. The polar bear at the Lincoln... Read more »

Ready for Spring Already?

Me too. But, too bad. It’s going to be in the 30′s, even 20′s, for the next 7 days. This is the time of year I get really grumpy because it starts to get nice at home (NYC/NJ) and it’s still so damn cold here. But, I have a trick. Have you ever heard of... Read more »

Cure for the Winter Blues: Ditch the Car

My mother (in New Jersey and always glued to the Weather Channel):  You’re going to get 10 inches of snow! Me (in Chicago and filing my nails):  We are? My mother:  YES! 10 inches! Me (still filing):  Huh…Wow… My mother:  They’re saying it’s going to start around noon. Me:  Alright, Ma. Who cares? What else is... Read more »

And then there was light

No, this is not a political/election related post. Literally,  after 8 days, my parents finally have power back at home in New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy! But, it was a small price.  As my mother wrote on FB: Burned a half cord of wood and ate 3/4 of our Halloween candy. But, we only had 1... Read more »

Frankenstorm: Things like Sandy make me ...

Appreciate every little thing - the roof, the heat, the electricity, a fully charged phone, internet, tv, hot food, hot coffee, clean water, hot shower, my own warm bed and the big things too - Thank you G0d that everyone I know and love is safe. That’s ALL that matters. Thoughts, prayers and good energy being... Read more »

Pictures of the Blizzard of 2011 ~ Faularoid Style

Little things: Snowzilla edition1/ H’s iPhone2/ the ShakeItPhoto app3/ and H’s artful eye.

All of this talk of impending snow reminds me of ...

When I had just moved to Chicago two years ago and had three different appointments on a very snowy January day.  I was certain that one of them was going to cancel.  It was really coming down.  In NYC/NJ, schools would definitely have been closed or at least delayed.  But, as it turns out, not one of those appointments was canceled.  One... Read more »

Little things...

Like…1/ warm, comfortable sweatshirts and 2/ warm, comfortable sweatpants and 3/ cranking up the heat. Thanks for reading Stop and Blog the Roses.  Follow me on Twitter @fernronay.

The snow reminds me of...

When I lived in Boston, during law school, I had a car, unlike now in Chicago or when I lived in NYC.  Having a car was very convenient for things like getting to school.  Not so convenient when ~- it snows buckets and- you park your car in your building’s parking lot that is uncovered... Read more »

The First Snowflakes of Fall Were Spotted Today

       Yes, fall. That’s life in Chicago.        Although I’m a lover of summer, this latest weather development does         not get me down because I’m looking forward to ~ 1/ making chicken chili2/ and turkey chili3/ and regular chili in my new slow cooker.  Love chili on a cold day, followed by hot cocoa... Read more »