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Albert Einstein and the Law of Attraction

Like all of us at various times, his life could be – allow me to use a technical term here – a ‘total shitstorm.’ A headmaster at his school said he would never amount to much. After college, he was unable get a doctoral dissertation accepted or an academic job. He had a daughter before... Read more »

Send Kristin to Kona: A vote takes one second

Who is Kristin? Kristin McQueen has been battling cancer for ten years (not in remission for ten years; an actual battle with multiple surgeries, radiation & other grueling treatment). Why Kona? Amazingly, she is gearing up and hoping to do the Ironman in Kona, Hawaii this year. Yes, the Ironman! How do we get her... Read more »

Move over Dr. Oz ...

The Juris Doctors are in! Today, I am grateful ~ 1/ that despite “the case of the haphazard hard drive plug and the evil adapter” (and 9 hours of lost editing footage, a letter to the President of Best Buy, a new hard drive and starting from square one) 2/ Ms. Esquire (the legal talk... Read more »

Little things: Golden Girls edition

Here’s to 1/ admitting that I like to play the slot machines sometimes 2/ even though I’m still under the age of 65 3/ and especially the Wheel Of Fortune version … even though Wheel! Of! Fortuuuuuuuuune! is on a continuous loop in my head right now. Good thing we’re leaving today.

Where in the world ...

Is Fern Ronay? And why the hell am I up this early? I don’t know but I’m just thankful 1/ to be somewhere warm 2/ and that I’ve finally accepted the fact that I’ll never understand craps 3/ but it’s still fun to roll the dice. Viva Las Vegas!!

Little things: happy cocktail edition

1/ Absolut pear 2/ Sour apple 3/ Lime juice. Yum. Pear martini on a Tuesday night. Nothing wrong with that.

Sometimes it pays to let a line cutter cut

Sometimes it pays to let a line cutter cut
Literally.  Recent lottery winner Mike Barth let the cutter cut and the cutter got zilch and Barth got the winning $319M Mega Millions winning ticket. Love ~1/ stories like this2/ my own technique for dealing with line cutters ~ I say “Oh! Was it your turn? I’m sorry. Go ahead” which is always followed by... Read more »

My coughing Valentine

Poor H!Thank G0d for ~1/ Mucinex2/ vitamin C3/ that I got a flu shot!Thank you for reading Stop and Blog the Roses. Follow me on Twitter @fernronay.

Little things: Wednesday date night edition

A mid-week date night with H and Gibsons’1/ goat cheese and tomato salad2/ spicy lobster salad 3/ pomegranate martiniMUAH!

For carb lovers, like me...

Who needs turkey when you’ve got 1/ stuffing 2/ mashed potatoes 3/ broccoli smothered in breadcrumbs and cheese. But, Black Friday, is a clean plate. I mean, slate!  A clean slate! Hello, treadmill…