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Heat and Humidity: 8 Things to be Grateful for in this Weather

It seems like only weeks ago – because it was actually only a few weeks ago – that my news feed on Facebook was clogged with comments like “This is summer? It’s still freezing.  We didn’t have a spring and now it looks like we’re not going to have a summer!” Now, it’s clogged with... Read more »

What's your Serenity Now?

I live blocks from the beach. And, I’ve been to the beach a total of – let me calculate this – 3x.  Yes, three times in three years.  I’m no math whiz but that equals … not a lot. Since starting this blog two years ago, I’ve been trying to live by a mantra that... Read more »

My butt hurts

Not only did we go to the beach yesterday, but H and I also rode our bikes to Promontory Point ~ another absolutely beautiful Chicago highlight that it took me two years to partake in.  Today, I’m grateful for the little things ~ 1/ I hadn’t been on my bike in a long time and I was nervous about maneuvering... Read more »

There's a beach in Chicago?

That was me two years ago when we moved here.  I was so fascinated and thrilled. Of course, as life goes, we never got around to going … until today.  The fascination hasn’t wained.  This was me: It’s a beach! A real beach. With sand. And water.  And people in bathing suits.  And beach chairs. ... Read more »