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Dog bite: One way to change your thought pattern

“Bad is never good, until worse happens.” ~ Danish proverb This is bad -  There I was doing my morning run along the lake and thinking “My calf still hurts.  I haven’t been able to run in days.  Why, why, why, when it’s finally nice out, this happens?  It’s been cold for so long and... Read more »

Three Best Marathon Tweets of the Day

I could only be there in spirit and by Twitter.  Thank you for these. 1/ @Alyssa_Johnsen Congrats to all the runners today at the #ChicagoMarathon!! Sorry old lady I scared with my sirens. 2/ @cubicledad …mission accomplished! so many people to thank. I have to thank Pam, dad, Dave, coach Jen, my family! I love you... Read more »

Half Marathon Highlights

Best pre-race snack: At the Team 2 End Aids tent (I think that’s what it was. I could be wrong. It was early) where I helped myself to a scoop of peanut butter and some coffee. Best sign: You guys are all really good at exercise. (Can’t make this stuff up) Most disturbing t-shirt sighting:... Read more »

My Chicago half marathon hopes and fears

Fears:1/ Not feeling so prepared for this one.2/ Some of those around me are not feeling so great and I am forced to be within in a ten foot radius of them. Hopes:1/ That Kuma’s Corner is all it’s cracked up to be for my annual cheeseburger.2/ That there’s not a long line at Sprinkles... Read more »

15 days until...

the half marathon! Followed by my annual cheeseburger, followed by a Sprinkles cupcake, followed by a nap, followed by the first Cowboys game of the season (yes, I’m a Jersey girl, former Manhattanite, living in Chicago and a Dallas Cowboys fan. That’s an entry for another day.) Today, I am grateful for the little things... Read more »