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Three little words: Thank you, Chicago

Today is my last Stop and Blog The Roses post for ChicagoNow as H and I are relocating to the City of Angels. But I will continue to blog the roses at BlogHer so please find me here and follow me on Facebook here and Twitter @FernRonay to keep up with the amazing adventures of... Read more »

How to sell your home … with the help of a statue

It’s simple.  You get a statue of St. Joseph. You bury it, upside down, facing the street, on your front lawn. Of course. Shortly after H and I put our apartment on the market, we went home to New Jersey for a first holy communion and naturally, the topic came up. Them: Lots of luck... Read more »

Tests I've Failed

I passed the CPA exam. I passed the New York bar exam. I passed the New Jersey bar exam. But, I failed another test, recently. It was more like a pop quiz. It happened like this. The lesson: I’m not an extremely religious person but I like going to church on Sunday.  I particularly like... Read more »

Jersey girl in Chicago = Bruce Springsteen at Wrigley

Here’s to the BIG THINGS like … Bruce and, wait, what? Eddie Vedder?!   And, the LITTLE THINGS like … getting carded for beer at Wrigley 🙂 Hehe!  

When Life Imitates Sit Com: Price Check on Panties

I’ll admit it.  I buy my underwear at Target.  Hey, they have the best thongs for the gym! They’re part lycra, part cotton and at 5 for $20, how can you go wrong? I sound like an old person.  A cheap old person who works out. So, a few days ago, I made my way... Read more »