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Child Free: Six Assumptions Not to Make about the Child Free

I would never presume to speak for all of the child free men and women out there so I will say, right here, this applies to H and me. But, if you are child free, know someone who is child free, love someone who is child free, you can probably relate to one or more... Read more »

Pretty Ugly Gallery: Can you guess what these are?

You know what they say.  The couple that stops and blogs the roses together … So, it’s a good thing that Mr. Stop and Blog the Roses finds pretty in the ugly. Check out his latest creative endeavor and scroll down for the big reveal. 1.   2.    3.   4.   5. 6.... Read more »

Getting older: The final telltale sign for me

My new doctor should have been the wake up call.  (I have a new doctor after this fiasco). She walked into the room.  Tall, blond, pretty face and … younger than me? I went home and told H “I like her. I feel really comfortable with her.  But, it’s weird. I think she’s younger than... Read more »

Chain of events: If one thing hadn't happened ...

I really wanted to go to Fordham Law School.  My family is in New Jersey.  I was already working in NYC.  I loved NYC.  All of my friends were there.  I was convinced I was meant to be there.  I was meant to go to Fordham for law school and that was that. Then, my... Read more »

Happy wife, happy life? I say: Good man, good life

Last month, when Ship My Pants went viral, it was incredibly exciting. But, for me, the icing on the cake was all of the messages H got that “It couldn’t happen to a better guy.” Yes, he’s funny, he’s smart, he’s a cutie, but best of all, he is decent. In the spirit of Roses,... Read more »

Kmart #ShipMyPants: I married a 'very punny Jew'

Once upon a time, in a land far away, a nice Italian girl from New Jersey was bouncing around the island of Manhattan when she met a ‘very punny Jew.’ On 7/7/07, in approximately a matter of 7 minutes, she learned: his first wife was Italian, he was 5′ 9″ but 5′ 9 and a... Read more »

The Kindness of a Mom and Pop Shop

H and I attended my cousin’s wedding on St. Pete’s Beach a few weeks ago.  We stayed at the Keystone Motel.  It was perfect – across the street from the beach, around the corner from the reception.  What more could you ask for?  It was warm and beautiful and fun.  Not so fun?  Realizing a little... Read more »

Project Ladybug Bash: Meet Dina Manzo and find out how Atia's Fund began!

How far we travel in life matters far less than those we meet along the way. ~ Mark Twain In Stop and Blog the Roses spirit, today, I am grateful to have met these lovely people ~ 1/ Laura Lutarewych ~ Fellow ChicagoNow blogger & a cancer survivor herself.  See her story here & watch... Read more »

Marriage Advice from a 6 Year Old

Recently, at a bridal shower, my 6 year old niece provided this nugget of wisdom.  It reads:  Please don’t poop your pants. I have no idea where she came up with that (I swear!).  But, today, on H and my 2nd wedding anniversary, I am pleased – and in the spirit of Stop and Blog... Read more »

Stupid Things Ex-Boyfriends Say ...

… while they’re still boyfriends, which explains, in part, why they became exes. You see, I keep seeing things on Facebook like “Things Women Say” and “Things Teenagers Say.” And then I saw a news article about something in Venezuela … and this blog entry was born. Note: These are not all from the mouth... Read more »