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Valentine's Day: Three Kinds of Sad

If you don’t care for Valentine’s Day or don’t care to have a Valentine or don’t have a Valentine and don’t care, good for you! I’ve enjoyed several Galentine’s Days – Valentine’s Day with your gal friends – and they were what they should be: Fun! But I’m not going to lie – there were... Read more »

Christmas and such

In case you missed it, check out my holiday wish list on The Circular Home here! And, from one born and bred Italian American household, wishing a Merry Provolone and Happy Prosciutto to all! But, most of all, here’s to a healthy 2014! ~~~ Thank you for reading Stop and Blog the Roses.  Follow me on TWITTER... Read more »

Holiday Gifts: Where to draw the line

Flashback: Few decades ago – taking a lunch break at the diner while out on an all day holiday shopping trip with my mom, family friend Anna and Anna’s daughter - Anna, perusing her list of who else she still needs to buy for: Niece, nephew, neighbor … who else?  … oh, Linda. My mom: Who’s... Read more »

8 Holiday Disaster Stories: Your holidays will never be this bad ... or this ridiculous

There should be a writer in every family because every family is chock full of material.  (Check out a Thanksgiving screenplay by Fern Ronay) Though, no matter how funny/crazy/dysfunctional your family is, I beg of you … put down the Christmas tree. From the archives ~~~ 8 holiday disaster stories ripped from the headlines ~~~... Read more »

Man stages hospital scene to prevent friend's next DUI

Tom Mabe didn’t want his friend, who already has five DUIs, to get another one … or worse. So, the next time the friend passed out drunk, Mabe was ready with a team of actors to stage a hospital scene in 2023. Yes, 2023!  The “doctor” told the man he’d been in a coma for... Read more »

Eggnog: Love it or Hate it, 16 Facts about it

We are a house divided. I say “Yum!”  H says “Yuck.” From the archives ~~~ 16 facts/theories/points of interest about the season’s most creamy and delicious beverage of choice ~ 1/ Believed to have originated in East Anglia, England, it was popular among the aristocracy because the ingredients were fairly expensive back then. “You have... Read more »

Thanksgivukkah: 5 Ways to Mix It Up

Overheard at the Ronay house during a past Hanukkah: Can we light the menorah soon? I want to go to 5:15 mass. That’s how we do it around here.  H is Jewish.  I’m Catholic.  And we’ve been living in interfaith harmony since 2007. This year, as it turns out, the first night of Hanukkah is... Read more »

Thanksgiving: 10 Things that are Easy to Hate about it

1. When people call it Turkey Day.  Shut up, cornball. It’s Thanksgiving. 2. Canned cranberry sauce.  Ew. You’re really going to eat that?  The way it’s so perfectly formed and is gelatinous and jiggles is just … ew. 3. When annoying people on television and/or the ones that live in your computer have to keep... Read more »

Today is World Gratitude Day

In the spirit of Stop and Blog the Roses, today, I am grateful for ~ 1/ The big things (health is wealth, yes it is) 2/ the little things, too 3/ and you.  Thank you for reading this blog. I hope everyone who sees this has their blessings multiplied over and over. And over again!

A Tale of Two Easters

The Easter I planned ~ Wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed (insert Easter Bunny joke here; not another kind of bunny joke. This is not that kind of blog). Run 7.5 miles. Shower, apply the rouge and straighten hair in case anyone takes pictures that will appear on Facebook. Go to brother’s. Eat distgustingly... Read more »