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Columbus Day Gratitude

In the spirit of Stop and Blog the Roses, here’s to Christopher Columbus. Nice find! Thank you, sir. Whether or not you believe he did what they say he did – good or bad or both – we may never know but he did something, that led to a chain of events, that led to... Read more »

On this day in 1692

In Salem Village in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Sarah Goode, Sarah Osborne, and Tituba, an Indian slave from Barbados, are charged with the illegal practice of witchcraft. Later that day, Tituba, possibly under coercion, confessed to the crime, encouraging the authorities to seek out more Salem witches. Trouble in the small Puritan community began the... Read more »

What does Columbus Day mean to you?

Today, I’m reminded of Angela Maria, my great great grandmother.  And, putting aside for a moment the controversy over who may actually have discovered America, I think of Columbus Day as another day to give thanks ~ 1/ To all of the people who came to this country and built it from the ground up2/... Read more »

V-J Day Nurse dies

The story, as I first heard it, was that when World War II ended and everyone was celebrating in Times Square, a sailor grabbed a nurse, spun her around and kissed her.  A photographer captured it.  I was in high school when I first heard that and I was mesmerized.  These are the sort of... Read more »