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Donna Day: A child with cancer needs what?

Have you met Donna?  Donna is fellow CN blogger Mary Tyler Mom’s daughter. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 20 months old and died shortly after turning four. She was a beautiful little girl – inside and out – who liked to dance and whose favorite color was black. I know this because... Read more »

It's Wear Star Wars, Share Star Wars Day!

I’m wearing my hair in a bun today.  Not like Princess Leia.  Like Anne Shirley - from Anne of Green Gables.  Even though today is Wear Star Wars, Share Star Wars Day, it’s all about Geek Pride!!  And if my love of all things Anne and my desire to visit to Prince Edward Island makes me a geek, so be it.... Read more »

Heartwarming story of the week

Not that I do this every week but it seemed like a perfect headline. In Crawfordsville, Indiana, three men who work for the sanitation department came across an envelope lying in the middle of a busy street.  It looked like it had been run over more than once.  When they opened it, they found hundreds... Read more »

Henry, the bird

H thought he looked more like a Hank.  I think his name was Henry.  When I noticed him on the sidewalk and he wasn’t moving and was twitching a little, I was really afraid he was going to get stepped on.  Then, a pigeon (who I’m pretty sure was named Danny DeVito) came waddling along... Read more »