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The Book that Changed My Life

Once upon a time, on the island of Manhattan, two young, professional women took a lunch break. They sat outside, on the steps leading up to the World Financial Center, eating take away sushi. They talked and talked and confided and commiserated. “I can’t explain it.  I don’t feel like this is my life’s work,”... Read more »

Would you steal the Baby Jesus?

He looked so shiny and ripe for the taking.  And big.  Only in Belleville, New Jersey could a manger that big sit on the high school lawn with nary an objection.   There was also a big Mary and a big Joseph.  Some animals too.  And they all seemed to glow as a warm light was shining down – not just... Read more »

A friend like Gigi

If you ever find yourself at an Irish karaoke bar in Paris ~ and one does indeed exist ~ and you come across a young man named Pierre (what else would his name be?) who loves Americans, thinks French people need to cheer up and has an ‘I Heart NY’ wallet (can’t make this stuff up),... Read more »