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Dreams: What do our crazy ones mean?

Well, I actually wrote a whole book about this.  My first novel is about a single 29 year old, Manhattan lawyer who is guided in her dreams by her dead Italian grandparents. However, those are ‘visits’, not dreams.  (After you read the book, you’ll understand the distinction.)  But, what about those dreams that we fuzzily... Read more »

The Book that Changed My Life

Once upon a time, on the island of Manhattan, two young, professional women took a lunch break. They sat outside, on the steps leading up to the World Financial Center, eating take away sushi. They talked and talked and confided and commiserated. “I can’t explain it.  I don’t feel like this is my life’s work,”... Read more »

Panties vs. Underwear: The Great Debate - VOTE here

Many moons ago, on a summer day, these two girls pictured here were having a conversation over cans of Slice at G’s parents’ kitchen table - It probably went something like this - G: What are you bringing to your aunt’s pool besides your bathing suit? Me: My nose plugs. G: I mean clothes. What... Read more »

Three's Company Style Email Exchange

Fern (in the part of Chrissy Snow) receives an email from best friend V (Janet Wood).  It’s a link.  V/Janet always sends Fern/Chrissy links, stuff she knows she would appreciate, like stories about funny old people or where to get the best mac and cheese in Chicago. Fern/Chrissy clicks link.  “Lose Fat In No Time. ... Read more »

My Kind of Artist

Lori Portka thought she would have a long career working in a school and a lasting marriage, too. Neither came true. She got divorced and, in my favorite line from her bio, “I have degrees in education and counseling and I am so grateful that I am not working in those fields.  Art feels like... Read more »

Secrets of the Ya Ya Belleville-hood: Does the universe have ears?

I can’t tell you what we all wished for. Then it won’t come true! But, I can tell you they were all very different and all very important to each of us. I can’t tell you about the little ritual. But, I can tell you no animals were sacrificed. I won’t tell you their names... Read more »

Would you steal the Baby Jesus?

He looked so shiny and ripe for the taking.  And big.  Only in Belleville, New Jersey could a manger that big sit on the high school lawn with nary an objection.   There was also a big Mary and a big Joseph.  Some animals too.  And they all seemed to glow as a warm light was shining down – not just... Read more »

You can't pick your family ...

If you’re ever out in NYC with your younger cousin visiting from NJ and you go from bar to bar to bar … to bar to bar and you end up at a karaoke place and decide you want chicken fingers and you order them but then you realize you need to go home because you’re, ahem,... Read more »

Just as we are

This morning, as I was walking into the gym, a girl was walking out with her gym bag in tow and dressed for work and I heard her say to a friend “I’m leaving. I forgot my shorts. Ugh. I’m just going to go to work … at 7AM.” Her friend replied (appropriately) “That sucks!” ... Read more »

My friend MC, not Hammer

Seattle is not a terrible place to spend Easter but I’d rather be at home.  I know this because four years ago, I was there for work and instead of flying back and forth to/from NYC in less than 48 hours, I decided to stay and just try to have a relaxing, albeit solitary weekend. ... Read more »