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Gwyn lost 87 pounds in one year! Find out how. Seriously, this is not an advertisement.

The direct messages I get on Twitter are usually of this variety: Did you see this pic of you? lol  0rder chepz f0ll0wers with n0 need Hey, this user is writing cruel posts about you Like any prudent person, not wanting to catch anything, I always promptly delete, delete, delete. So, when I got a... Read more »

Aren't you grateful you're not ... Rod Blagojevich?

A woman after my own heart. She saw Rod being led away and she started a blog The Blago Gratitude Blog: Grateful Not To Be Blagojevich reminding herself of all the things she can do that Rod can’t, such as: Sleeping in. Extra blanket. More than one pillow. Choosing where to have lunch. Picking dessert. ... Read more »

Fellow Blogger of the Week

Supposedly, chick lit is dead. I, of course, disagree.I think that as long as there are women looking for love, there will be chick lit.  Yes, as long as there are bad date stories, there will be chick lit.  And, there will of course always be blogs about dating (‘real life chick lit’). One of... Read more »

Fellow Blogger of the Week

There’s a certain narcissistic high that comes from blogging.  When you see one of your entries ‘retweeted’ or ‘liked,’ there’s this unmistakable lift.  It could even make you giddy. When I first became a blogger, it was explained to me that one of the best ways to promote your blog is by helping to promote other bloggers. ... Read more »

Fellow blogger of the week

Meet Jessica Rosevear.  You can find her at I met Jessica in 2008 at a Mediabistro Chick Lit writing class in NYC.  It was taught by the fabulous Lynda Curnyn, author of Bombshell and Engaging Men.  And, there were about 8 other students in the class – all women, all in a certain age... Read more »