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Child Free: Six Assumptions Not to Make about the Child Free

I would never presume to speak for all of the child free men and women out there so I will say, right here, this applies to H and me. But, if you are child free, know someone who is child free, love someone who is child free, you can probably relate to one or more... Read more »

Aging: What is "old?"

It occurred to me yesterday after publishing a post titled “I heart old people” that some might be offended by the term “old people.” Don’t be. Truth #1. It’s all relative. Take this conversation with my grandmother. Grandma: Can you believe my friend Kay? Me: What? Grandma: She’s dating a YOUNGER MAN! Didn’t Mommy tell... Read more »

Who do you think you are?

is one of my favorite shows. And, now, the not rich and not famous version … My father has been doing a little research on his father’s side of the family.  He sent the following letter to the Fernicola family of Altoona, Pennsylvania. 3/7/2014 Dear Fernicola Family,  I am writing to you to see if... Read more »

How to Live in Interfaith Harmony

This is not a clinical how to. If you’re struggling with interfaith issues in your relationship or friendship or life, I’d suggest talking with your pastor, priest, rabbi or a counselor.  If you want to know the Ferny How To Guide to Life, keep reading. 1. Seek cultural advice from willing mentors, like my friend... Read more »

Family + the Holidays, a mini screenplay: What's your Role?

Cast: Polly: The planner, the boss, the eldest Lilly: The laborer, once rebellious, now resigned, the middle child Sally: The swooper, does not contribute other than bringing one dessert, the baby Mother: Their mother Setting: Thanksgiving Day at Polly’s house. Scene 1: In the kitchen, before dinner Polly, Lilly, Mother hovering around the oven.  Lilly... Read more »

Mothers Say the Darndest Things

Let’s say you’re out at a restaurant in your hometown for your future sister in law’s bachelorette dinner and your mother is there along with your future sister in law’s mother and all of your brother’s friends’ wives and this conversation happens between the two mothers across the table in a loud restaurant ~ Future... Read more »

Asheville, NC: The Greatest Show on Earth

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up.  We should have known within fifteen minutes of arriving, when my sister in law asked for directions, we were in for a show. A young, shaggy haired man appeared to be the person in charge of several tables of jewelry for sale on a street corner and, one would... Read more »

To Do Today: Something nice in honor of my cousin

On this day in 2005, my 21 year old cousin died and no one really knows why. A brief hospital stay for that kind of infection should NOT end that way.  It is still incomprehensible. Her name was Jamie and she was really pretty and really smart - the valedictorian of her class - and a lot... Read more »

Real Housewives of New Jersey: A Cafface Experience

“It’s not an adventure until something goes wrong.” -Yvon Choinard This past weekend, one of my best friends from high school, Gigi, and I made our way to New Jersey from Baltimore and Chicago, respectively, to celebrate the impending arrival of a baby girl to our other dear friend, Mel.  With our gifts carefully wrapped in stork-adorned paper and each... Read more »

100th Birthday Party: Just how long ago was 1913?

Anyone who reads this blog knows one thing – I’m from New Jersey. Yes, I lived in Manhattan, where I met H, who was transferred to Chicago in 2008. But, I was born and raised in Jersey. Still, I always knew I had cousins in Chicago. Not cousins in spirit but actual, blood-related cousins. How... Read more »