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Gwyn lost 87 pounds in one year! Find out how. Seriously, this is not an advertisement.

The direct messages I get on Twitter are usually of this variety: Did you see this pic of you? lol  0rder chepz f0ll0wers with n0 need Hey, this user is writing cruel posts about you Like any prudent person, not wanting to catch anything, I always promptly delete, delete, delete. So, when I got a... Read more »

Autism Awareness Month: A Roses Q&A

One day, around this time last year, I was on a CTA bus where a boy and his mother were a few seats in front of me.  The boy was screaming – a lot.  And, I was thinking “Is there nothing this mother can do to shut him up already?” When I finally got home,... Read more »

It's Wear Star Wars, Share Star Wars Day!

I’m wearing my hair in a bun today.  Not like Princess Leia.  Like Anne Shirley - from Anne of Green Gables.  Even though today is Wear Star Wars, Share Star Wars Day, it’s all about Geek Pride!!  And if my love of all things Anne and my desire to visit to Prince Edward Island makes me a geek, so be it.... Read more »

A Roses Q&A with @DeafMom Karen Putz

I very rarely miss my stop on the CTA. A nanosecond too long on the Red Line feels like an hour I’ll never get back. Karen Putz made me miss my stop once.  Not intentionally, of course.  But, I was reading her blog entry Going Deaf Was a Blessing and the next thing I knew,... Read more »

It's National White Wine Week (say me and the Windy City Wine Guy)

I like the career advice “Find your passion and then find a way to make money doing it.”  I didn’t always do that (that’s another story) but here is someone who it appears is ~ Michael Bottigliero, the Windy City Wine Guy.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Michael at an event at Fleming’s Steakhouse... Read more »

The Story of Recycling Avenue

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When Gregory Campone graduated from high school, he set out to find a job, but like many job-seekers today, he didn’t have much luck.  For Campone, the search was made even more difficult because he requires the use of a wheelchair and, as his mother Silvia Campone explains, “There wasn’t a lot out there [job-wise]... Read more »