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7 Reasons Not to Drink and Drive

1. You like your face.  I actually overheard someone once say “I don’t drink and drive because I like my face.”  I know, shallow yet wise. 2. You like your limbs and other body parts. 3. You like your life.  Even if you hate your life right now, you’re not better off dead. 4. You... Read more »

Seconds after passing his driving test...

A Pennsylvania man crashes into the DMV building.  Oops! Apparently, he mistook the accelerator for the brake.  Those pesky pedals!He also thought the car was in park.  It was, uh, actually in drive. It’s a shame, really.  As the instructor said “He was doing pretty good, up until he went through the building.” Thankfully ~1/... Read more »

Low Speed Horse-and-Buggy Chase

Did you hear about the Amish teen who led police on a low speed chase in a horse-and-buggy?  Apparently, a 17-year-old Amish boy ran a stop sign in his horse and buggy and then took off (by horse and buggy standards) eventually causing the buggy to flip over and roll into a ditch. Read more... Read more »