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Review of Memoirs of a Mom on the Edge: Martinis & Menopause by Elizabeth Loan

When I was asked to review this book, I had the following questions: 1. I’m not a mom, so will I find this interesting? 2. I’m not going through menopause, I only act that way, so will I find this interesting? 3. Elizabeth Loan knows about menopause?! What?? She looks my age. Very interesting. Answers/Commentary 1.... Read more »

Bridget Jones 3?

I recently attended a webinar where a literary agent declared that chick lit was dead.  Her exact words were that it ‘died a hard and horrible death.’ I thought that was a little depressing because, not only am I trying to sell my own chick lit novel (Oh great, I write the last chapter just... Read more »

5 reasons why I won't read Snooki's book (like I need more than one)

Snooki wrote a book? Yes, it’s called A Shore Thing. No, I won’t be reading it but not because I don’t like Snooki Polizzi.  On the contrary, the little munchkin actually grew on me.  Don’t believe me? Exhibit A: What one Italian American really thinks of Jersey ShoreExhibit B: An open letter to Snooki from... Read more »

To all the Chick Lit haters

Former nannies write 'fiction.'  Love it!
I’m going to take the liberty of making a few assumptions about you ~ either one, some or all of the following describes you: (a) You’re a man(b) You’ve never had your heart broken(c) You don’t or have never hated your job(d) You’ve never had any major conflicts with your mother/best friend/boss(e) You’ve never experienced... Read more »