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Q&A with Tara Scalzo

Fellow CN blogger Tara Scalzo writes Red & Company and, as her bio states, she’s a “Chicago native, freelance writer/blogger and full time mom with a wicked sense of humor and a love of cheap wine. She documents her everyday adventures and observations – in the raw, full of snark, but always honest. Tara has been... Read more »

Japonais by Morimoto Grand Opening Event

I watch a lot of things on Bravo.  I wish I could say most of it, or at least some of it, included the cooking shows like Top Chef but, alas, the only cooking I see is done by the Giudices.  Remember when they made sausage? That was nuts. Anyway, when one of my favorite... Read more »

Ginger Zee & the Law of Attraction

While we do love Sam Champion at the Ronay house (we loved how much he loved Ship My Pants and thanks for the retweet!) ~ we also love Ginger Zee and are so happy for her on her promotion at GMA! It couldn’t happen to a nicer person. How do I know? No, I don’t know her... Read more »

Dog bite: One way to change your thought pattern

“Bad is never good, until worse happens.” ~ Danish proverb This is bad -  There I was doing my morning run along the lake and thinking “My calf still hurts.  I haven’t been able to run in days.  Why, why, why, when it’s finally nice out, this happens?  It’s been cold for so long and... Read more »

Stanley Cup: He's baaaaack!

I will not pretend to know a thing about hockey (I’m a football girl). But, I did get this close to the cup and H shook Coach Q’s hand and even copped a feel of Stanley. It was 2010.  My best friend G and her hubs B were visiting.  We were having dinner and drinks... Read more »

I hate Cirque du Soleil: A review of 'Superior Donuts'

I hate Cirque du Soleil. There, I said it. I couldn’t admit it for a long time.  I thought something was wrong with me.  Everyone else RAVES.  And, while I would never say their gravity defying abilities aren’t impressive, I’m always bored after 20 minutes. I’ve tried to give it a shot.  Three shots, actually. ... Read more »

The Chicago Bears Fan From New York

In 1956, the Bears played the Giants in the championship game. They got beat – 47-7.  My father in law – a young Jewish kid from Brooklyn at the time – heard the game on the radio and thought “This team needs me.” And, 56 years of fanaticism ensued – a fanatic in such a... Read more »

iPhone 5: Scenes from Michigan Avenue

Overheard between two cameramen outside the Apple store on Michigan Avenue ~ Cameraman 1 takes out his flip phone:   This is my phone. It makes phone calls. It sends texts. Cameraman 2:   Yeah, I’m like “It’s just a phone!” Tell that to these people … Yesterday morning, as I walked to get my coffee, I... Read more »

Rude, angry people: How do you deal with them?

The other day, at the bank, I asked a woman standing near the deposit counter if she was on line. Her response:  What do you think I’m standing here for? Today, I am grateful for wise words ~ 1/ Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. – Plato Outwardly ~ As... Read more »

What's your Serenity Now?

I live blocks from the beach. And, I’ve been to the beach a total of – let me calculate this – 3x.  Yes, three times in three years.  I’m no math whiz but that equals … not a lot. Since starting this blog two years ago, I’ve been trying to live by a mantra that... Read more »