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See me on the Steve Harvey Show

Yup, right here for your viewing pleasure. There was a point when I knew he was going to ask me to meow like my cat. … And, I did it. But, in the spirit of Stop and Blog the Roses, today, I am grateful they CUT that part out!  Thank you, G0d!   ~~~ Thank... Read more »

My mother is proof that anyone can be converted to an animal lover. ANYONE.

Before Oscar ~ - She never had a pet. - We – my brother and I – had birds, a turtle and a goldfish.  We loved them.  She seemed indifferent. - Whenever we visited anyone’s house with an excited dog, she’d always cower and say ‘Nice, doggy.’ Enter the Kelly’s, a cat named Mystery (aka... Read more »

Thank you, Gold Coast Kitten Sittin'

Today is day 341 of Roses and I would be remiss if I went a whole year without thanking Marilyn and Jan, our cat sitting angels from Gold Coast Kitten Sittin’. It’s one thing to get a text from a friend or acquaintance that says “Fed.”  It means ‘Oh good, Magoo is not going to... Read more »

When a pet dies

Libby liked playing with the laser light and watching birds outside our window and staring at me in bed while I read (which was a little weird at first) and licking Magoo, her friend. She died one year ago today. We miss you, little Libby girl. Today, I am grateful ~1/ that, although we miss... Read more »

Little things...

A perfect birthday gift from my in laws ~1/ It smells delicious2/ I will not eat it3/ and either will Magoo. Thanks for reading Stop and Blog the Roses. Follow me on Twitter @fernronay.

Do you think I jinxed my meatball?

By meatball, I mean cat, of course.  He’s been sick since yesterday – I’ll spare you the disgusting details – and we had to take him to the vet this morning. I’ve been talking about him so much this week that I wondered if I inadvertently sent him some sort of negative energy.  But then... Read more »

Open letter to the woman who threw a cat in the garbage

Have you heard about the British woman who threw a neighbor’s cat in the garbage?  She was stuck in there for 15 hours.  She was identified from video surveillance and her response to the outrage was “It’s just a cat.”  To be fair, she apologized again after that comment but the damage was already done. ... Read more »