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I Heart Old People

If you read the Q&A of me conducted by Julie Hammerle of Hammervision, you might think: She’s never seen Pulp Fiction? Golden Girls is in her top 5 favorite shows? 1. What a dork! 2. She must love old people. Both are true. If you check out my video interview of Tara Scalzo of Red... Read more »

Ginger Zee & the Law of Attraction

While we do love Sam Champion at the Ronay house (we loved how much he loved Ship My Pants and thanks for the retweet!) ~ we also love Ginger Zee and are so happy for her on her promotion at GMA! It couldn’t happen to a nicer person. How do I know? No, I don’t know her... Read more »

The Book that Changed My Life

Once upon a time, on the island of Manhattan, two young, professional women took a lunch break. They sat outside, on the steps leading up to the World Financial Center, eating take away sushi. They talked and talked and confided and commiserated. “I can’t explain it.  I don’t feel like this is my life’s work,”... Read more »

Anchor and Meteorologist Trade Barbs: Ever Been Hated by a Co-worker?

Yes. Make that two co-workers. Picture this: It was my first job out of college. I was a 22 year old ‘associate’ working for a female ‘senior associate’ and a female manager. Let’s call them Annie and Marie. So, Annie, Marie and I were the team assigned to a large financial services client. We worked... Read more »

Boobs in the Workplace: A Guide to Summer Office Attire

I spent many years working at a law firm as well as a large accounting/consulting firm. During that time, the writer in me couldn’t help but make some observations. Hope you find this helpful. Please feel free to print it out and post it in the common area of your office when no one is... Read more »

AJ Clemente: Should the North Dakota news anchor get a second chance?

AJ Clemente was a brand spanking new, seemingly fresh out of school news anchor in Bismarck, North Dakota when, on the first day on the job, clearly overcome with nerves, he uttered the F word and the S word – unbeknownst to him, while on air – and could barely look up as his co-anchor introduced... Read more »

Kmart #ShipMyPants: I married a 'very punny Jew'

Once upon a time, in a land far away, a nice Italian girl from New Jersey was bouncing around the island of Manhattan when she met a ‘very punny Jew.’ On 7/7/07, in approximately a matter of 7 minutes, she learned: his first wife was Italian, he was 5′ 9″ but 5′ 9 and a... Read more »

2012 Commencement Speakers and their good advice ...

Which, let’s face it, will probably be forgotten. At my college graduation (Lehigh University), the commencement speaker was Tom Kean, the former governor of New Jersey, and I have no recollection of a single thing he said.  Thank you anyway, Gov. Kean! At my law school graduation (Boston College Law School), the commencement speaker was... Read more »

Women on Women Bullying in the Workplace: I was a victim

Recently, a fellow blogger (the fabulous Beth Rago of Parenting Without a Parachute) posted a link on FB to an article by Barbara Greenberg in the Huffington Post about women on women bullying.  Greenberg describes being treated very coldly by another female co-worker, who would do such things as say hi to everyone but Greenberg and... Read more »

Like Tim Tebow: Do you pray at work?

Someone once told me they never pray – ever – and I was shocked.  I couldn’t help but think how lonely and scary the world must be for someone who never talks to G0d. I pray all day. I pray when I get up in the morning – nothing formal but if something is on... Read more »