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Birth Control Pill Recall Could Result in Unwanted Pregnancies

Might be the most terrifying headline … ever. In the spirit of Roses, today, I am grateful ~ 1/ that my pill is not manufactured by Pfizer 2/ and that I didn’t split my head open 3/ or bust a knee while running like a bat out of hell from my couch to the bathroom... Read more »

The Duggars: 20th Kid on the Way! What do you think?

Thumbs down. Don’t get me wrong ~ I hope baby #20 is happy, healthy and beautiful like all of their kids – as my grandmother would say, G0d bless ‘em – but … 1. Aren’t there enough people in the world? If Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 20 kids each have 20 kids, that’s 400... Read more »

Planes, Trains and Port Authority

Three things were keeping me from my favorite foot model (his name is Vinny; he’s four months old; and he has the most delicious piggies in North America, possibly the world).  They were: 1/ The fact that it’s been awhile since I took the bus from NYC to New Jersey and I couldn’t remember my... Read more »

The Delicious Baby Feet Fan Club

The Delicious Baby Feet Fan Club
I love baby feet.  If you’re also a fan of the delicious tootsie fan club, welcome! Footnote (excuse the pun): I realize that this entry – with the buzzwords “feet” and “delicious” – may inadvertently attract some fetish freaks on Twitter.  Word to the weirdos – I will not follow you back! Moving on.  How... Read more »