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Who do you think you are?

is one of my favorite shows. And, now, the not rich and not famous version … My father has been doing a little research on his father’s side of the family.  He sent the following letter to the Fernicola family of Altoona, Pennsylvania. 3/7/2014 Dear Fernicola Family,  I am writing to you to see if... Read more »

Columbus Day Gratitude

In the spirit of Stop and Blog the Roses, here’s to Christopher Columbus. Nice find! Thank you, sir. Whether or not you believe he did what they say he did – good or bad or both – we may never know but he did something, that led to a chain of events, that led to... Read more »

The Story of My Family

My great grandfather (my father’s mother’s father) came here from Italy in the early part of the last century with his two brothers.  They settled in Newark, New Jersey. Legend has it that, one night, one of his brother’s beat someone up.  (How classy)  Really bad, actually.  So bad, in fact, he thought he killed... Read more »

What does Columbus Day mean to you?

Today, I’m reminded of Angela Maria, my great great grandmother.  And, putting aside for a moment the controversy over who may actually have discovered America, I think of Columbus Day as another day to give thanks ~ 1/ To all of the people who came to this country and built it from the ground up2/... Read more »

Modern conveniences

It feels like I’ve been channeling Angela Maria since writing about her yesterday.  She looked like she had a hard life.  I’m pretty sure she didn’t have a medicine cabinet full of moisturizers (make that very, very sure) or a Caboodle for her Chanel nail polishes or 1/ a washing machine2/ a dryer3/ a dishwasher.... Read more »

What's your American History?

Today, I am grateful ~ 1/ For, as my friend CW tells her British boyfriend, my “freedom from tyranny.” 2/ That in the last century, the woman to the left here – my great great grandmother – let her three sons and daughter move to America from Italy.  Thank you, Angela Maria! 3/ That I’ve... Read more »