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Fern Ronay is a lawyer and CPA turned writer/reporter/blogger. She is a Manhattanite, originally from the great state of New Jersey, now living in beautiful Chicago with her husband and fat cat, Magoo. She is also proud to be 100% Italian American and an avid reader, eater and runner.

Bio in Blogs ~
My name is Jennifer Fernicola Ronay but my friends call me Fern. Read why here.

I grew up in a town in New Jersey where almost everyone's last name ends in a vowel. Read this and you'll know what I mean.

I married not only a nice but hilarious Jewish boy. We met on 7/7/07 on the island of Manhattan. If I didn't go to BC Law, we'd probably never have met. Read why here.

I used to write the legal blog for ChicagoNow called "The Bar-tender" but I stopped that. Read why here.  (Spoiler alert: I felt the need to be less Jerry, more O. ... as in Springer, Winfrey).

I am a late in life football fan. Read about that here.  I root for the Dallas Cowboys (oh, shut up).

My husband (referred to throughout my blogs simply as H) and I now live in Chicago (obviously) where I finished my first novel about a single, 29 year old, Italian American lawyer in Manhattan who hates her job and is guided in her dreams at night by her dead Italian grandparents. Read, like and share this post if you believe in signs.
I'm working on my second novel.

So, you're a Fern from New Jersey who went to college in Pennsylvania (Lehigh!), law school in Boston, lived in Manhattan and now lives in Chicago and roots for Dallas?
That is correct.


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