How to sell your home … with the help of a statue

It's simple.  You get a statue of St. Joseph.
You bury it,
upside down,
facing the street,
on your front lawn.

Of course.

Shortly after H and I put our apartment on the market, we went home to New Jersey for a first holy communion and naturally, the topic came up.

Them: Lots of luck on the sale of your home, sweetheart.  … Did ya bury a St. Joseph statue?

Me: No.

Them: Upside down, facing the street, on your front lawn?

Me: No.

Them: No?

Me: No. We don't have a front lawn.  It's an apartment.

Them: So get a plant!

Me: Oh. Ok.

But, we can't have plants in our place because Magoo, our cat, eats the leaves and then throws up.  Cat vomit on the floor during a showing does not, I'm pretty sure, help you sell your home.

So, H and I, in our infinite ingenuity and wisdom, did the creative thing.

We bought a St. Joseph statue and
buried him
upside down,
facing the street,
in a box of litter.

Of course.

Fresh Step. Scented and scoopable with odor shield protection.

Yes, H is Jewish and I'm Italian and Roman Catholic so here we are with a mezuzah in the doorway and a St. Joseph statue buried upside down, facing the street, in a box of cat litter.

And, it worked.

In the spirit of Roses, thank you St. Joseph for wiggling your toes, doing your thing and selling our home.  We have a special place for you in our new abode in L.A.  Oh yeah, St. Joseph is going Hollywood. Look out.

st joe


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