Bad Advice on the Internet

jealous gfriend

#1. What? Um, no! Where to even begin? Let's just say if you're in a healthy relationship, neither of you has to wonder what's in the other person's heart and mind because you already know and the reason you know is because you tell each other, you communicate your feelings and thoughts.  So, you trust each other and therefore, there's no room for jealousy, insecurity, doubt.  Maybe she's not jealous because she knows you love her and would never cheat on her and no one else could ever have your attention in the romantic sense.
But, that's too long to fit on a meme.
And you already knew this meme above was nonsense when you saw that "doesn't" was missing the apostrophe. 

friend drama

#2. Okay, it is true that true friends do indeed have a high tolerance for a lot of things, such as spending 5 hours analyzing a conversation between you and a potential suitor that lasted less than five seconds.  "Wait, go back. Did he say 'Hi' or 'Hey?'"
However, a true friend can still be a true friend and also think "What is the point of all of this pointless drama when all it does is drag my friend down?"  That's when she suggests you go out dancing.
Yes, she's tired of listening to your pointless drama.  But yes, she's still a true friend.  Shut up and dance.

don't love work

#3. Well, that sounds like the recipe for a miserable day-to-day existence.  

dont trust gut

#4. True.  Maybe it's not always right. Maybe it's only right 99.9999% of the time.
So, the best thing to do is … trust your gut.


In the spirit of Roses, today I am grateful ~
for good advice
and that I've lived long enough to recognize it when it comes my way
and, while I certainly don't know everything and never will, I've learned enough to know this -
The fact that it's showing up in my news feed in a fancy font with a pretty background does not necessarily mean it's good advice.

Now, that's news feed worthy. Feel free to share -

internet advice

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